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August 27, 2005

Gay fucking song recycler

Now you guys know that I've been trying to scale back my Kanye-related coverage just because obviously he hasn't been taking it very well. But seemingly every time I turn around (just like the song says), this douche has gone...

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August 25, 2005

Back to his old tricks?

It's been brought to my attention, thanks to djxplicit and some of the other kids over at the Kanye = Douche blog, that Big Bank Kanye might have just pulled another "Jesus Walks" with this new single of his, "Diamonds...

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Kanye goes off on Bol (no homo)

I was going to create a much more elaborate post having to do with this, but I'm tired now and I've still got some shit to do. Anyhoo, your boy Big Bank Kanye, pictured above with two of his typical...

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Kanye West's "Diamonds" video

Peep the story at Kanye West Shooting 'Diamonds' Video In 'Pray-Goo' It's not really at all worth reading (just him talking about how good he is and how he's going to Prague because he's "interested in architecture" - no...

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