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February 04, 2005

Kanye West Vs. Diamond D

I thought it might be revealing to compare Kanye to a real hip-hop legend.

"You Gotta Get Your Fingers Dusty" - While Diamond prides himself on unearthing unused beats and breaks, Kanye lives off table scraps (JayDee and No I.D. beat CD's, drums off other hip-hop records).

"Best Producer on the mic?" - D kicked a simple yet effective vocal technique to describe his daily operations, peppering his verses with amusing, outdated catchphrases like "Holy Mackeral!" (a tradition which has been carried on by MF Doom). West struggles between mush-mouthed incompetence and boarderline illiteracy, even with the help of guys like Rhymefest.

"Dress Code" -  Diamond sports the butter Pelle Pelle leathers, while Kanye favors tight-ass, rainbow-striped sweaters and blazers, in his effort to bring the "metrosexual" uptown.

"The Lab" -  The Best Kept Secret had only an Alesis HR-16 drum machine connected to two Akai S-950 samplers when he created masterpieces such as "Sally Got A One Track Mind". Jabber Jaw has an MPC2000, some keyboards and a ton of other expensive stuff which allow him to create horrible tracks like "The New Workout Plan".

"Spare Time" - D was all about stunts, blunts and beats, but the Kan Man prefers admiring himself in the mirror, listening to underground songs for lyrics he might want to buy for his next project, comparing himself to groups way out of his league and penning his Grammy's acceptance speech.

"The Game's Sold, Not Told" - Diamond built a small but loyal street audience. Kanye appeals to 12 year old mallrats and clueless rock critics, thus selling millions.

"I'm your Idol, Numero Uno" - Diamond is a longtime James Brown fan, while Kanye idolizes Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

"Contributions to hip-hop" - D: Played a major role in introducing Fat Joe to the world. K: Encouraged kids to drop out of college and make weak rap songs.

"Who Gives A Fuck About A Goddamn Grammy?" - Diamond made one of the best rap albums ever, which he wrote and produced himself. Where was his nomination? OK, so this last point isn't great, but it makes this post relevent to our important cause.

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ur a hater.....

ur goin mad cause dude is stackin heavy doe..
and ur a broke motherfuc..

one love...

Posted by: willo | Feb 4, 2005 3:54:42 PM

nah, diamond d beats beat Kanye West beats anyday.
If you know anything about production then you know that using the same "Love" break-beat every other song is not original, nor is it that interesting...
I know Diamond D has fell off in years as of late but he's still more talented than Kanye...
At least it took years for Diamond D to fall off whereas it took Kanye less than 6 months...

Posted by: chiseven | Feb 5, 2005 12:30:37 AM

what's up with these kanyegate haters? goddamn you need to get a life you can't run around here trying to stop everyone from talkin shit about kanye. these bitchass kids think they need to protect him. and if you like him so much why are you on this site? just by being here you're supporting it.

Posted by: cmb | Feb 5, 2005 3:05:51 PM

Why Are you hatin so much kanye may not be diamond in skills but he still is better than alot of the crappy new hip hop songs. Diamond was in a time when people were doing music for love not a check they strived to be diffrent and different was cool.
Now you better get shot 50 times or be in jail 100 times
that doesn't make you a hip hop star it just mean you made some mistakes in life(i have )
Kanye's tracks have emotion and so did Diamond d,so did paul c , pete rock,
marley marl and so on who cares what snare he uses, who cares if he uses a mpc,
950, or Reason on a Apple G5 as long as it hot. "jesus walks" is hot and so is "Sally got a one track mind" and like both of them better than alot of crappy new joints
i hear
P.S. when i bought my Akai s-950 it was expensive and seemed super high-tech(back then)
now reason on my powerbook does same shit and better and for free on carracho we are getting old

Posted by: Ticc | Feb 5, 2005 3:22:17 PM

> "jesus walks" is hot

...and not produced by your role model kanye

Posted by: djxplicit | Feb 5, 2005 5:03:59 PM

hahahahaha thats funny that you actually spend your time thinking of pathetic excuses to not like someone. real cool bud. real cool.

Posted by: bill | Feb 5, 2005 11:51:05 PM

I'm just stating the facts. Everything in this article is based on things Kanye admitted himself. If hearing the truth about your hero hurts, go take some Valium or something.

Posted by: Robbie | Feb 6, 2005 2:58:49 AM

For anyone to call Kanye West out on anything is riduculous. Let the kid make some money and be an "asshole," but don't hate just because. The kid deserves everything he's got this year, and nobody can take that away. If you think he's really not that talented, just watch and see how long he will be around, and how hot his next album will be. Much love. And by the way, I am not no 12 year old mall rat, or a clueless rock critic. I am a Princeton hip hop enthusiast loving every minute of a Kanye album.

Posted by: Diego | Feb 6, 2005 7:56:06 PM

getting into a fancy school doesn't mean you have good taste in music or a grip on how mediocre West really is.
But I'm sure you both know a thing or two about spending losts of money for a fancy ornament...

Posted by: chiseven | Feb 7, 2005 6:24:22 PM

who in the hell came up wit this stupid ass article anyway. and who the fuck is diamond d no one really knows him. Kanye keeps it real, he tells about his struggle and he is humble. He isn't an asshole he just isnt fake like some of the people in the game. And above all Kanye has soul, his beats are original and his lyrics touch and influence. So just kill that petition cuz its petty as hell and you are too for starting it. Holla

Posted by: tiki | Feb 7, 2005 7:35:36 PM

u is a muthafucker, who u a stupid asshole that is disgracin urself wit a full of stupid anti-kanye thin, i thin ure makin this page for getting attention u a asshole, WE LOVE KANYE WEST!!!!!!!!

Posted by: b.j. | Feb 8, 2005 7:46:28 AM

reply to:
what's up with these kanyegate haters? goddamn you need to get a life you can't run around here trying to stop everyone from talkin shit about kanye. these bitchass kids think they need to protect him. and if you like him so much why are you on this site? just by being here you're supporting it.

cos i found the hell when im searchin and here to fuck ur ass? shut the fuck up

Posted by: b.j. | Feb 8, 2005 7:51:12 AM

we dun need to protect kanye if there is someone needs protectin its actuacllly some bitch liike britney! only stupids cant see the talent!

Posted by: b.j. | Feb 8, 2005 7:53:01 AM

u must really have no life if all u do is down talk kanye all day...i listen to his music and hes real..
HES A MUSICIAN..just like diamond d or anyone else...ITS JUST MUSIC..why do u gotta hate on kanye for expressing himself thru music? who really fucking cares? why dont u put ur hating to use and hate on sumthing worth hating on..not some music which duznt effect ur life what so ever..ur entitled to ur opinion, but that def sux that ur wrong..

Posted by: darin | Feb 14, 2005 9:05:29 PM

I would have to agree. Kanye could not handle Diamond D's "Sally's Got A One Track Mind".

Posted by: bigjune | Feb 15, 2005 3:41:06 PM

man u haters r outa ur damn mind! kanye has great lyrical skills (verse on through the wire earned best rhyme of the year). wut u gotta be fuckin hatin him for? man listen to his life story and how much shit he pushed through and how hard he tried to get where he is!! HE DESERVES EVERY DAMN CENT HE HAS, HE WORKED FOR IT ALL! diamond d is gone, maybe a legend but hes in the past... kanye is the damn future whether u dumbasses like it or not, and you should admit it!

get a damn life..... all of u....

Posted by: clay | Feb 15, 2005 10:23:10 PM

OK first off these two guys are from different periods. this doesnt excuse anything but the comparison is plain unfair. Kanye may not be the best rapper but he has board skills. Yeah you wanna slap his bitch ass sometimes but, lost a thread there. Diamond was the man them days and real heads will always recognize that.

Kanye fix the attitude is all. and for allah's sake get some decent clothes.

Posted by: gonzale_the_preacher | Feb 17, 2005 3:17:40 PM

While I don't agree with with all this Kanye bashing, I'm glad somebody is taking a critical look at this superstar. I also appreciate the fact that these different times and eras are compared by the means of a juxtaposition.

I'm a fan of Kanye and Diamond D, but if you don't know who Diamond is (tiki, this is for you), you're not a hip hop head.

Posted by: Perttu | Feb 28, 2005 4:25:43 AM

Kanye West is bringin' back the "Grand Puba" gear, though. Polo pique shirt, jeans, slouch Nikes and the backpack. I respect that man for the pure homage he paid to Brand Nubian. Diamond D was pure nasty. The stuff he did for M.O.P, Fugees and Gangstarr was bangin'. Kanye is, however, a breath of fresh air. What rappers other than Tribe, Dela (the Daisy Age), Del the Funky Homosapien, Cella Dwellas, etc. would poke fun at themselves. I like that he does not take himself seriously. I agree with Perttu, if you don't really know the "groundbreakers", it would be good to stay quiet.

Posted by: bigjune | Feb 28, 2005 3:47:45 PM

Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop Hatred, Passion & Infidelity

DIAMOND D+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

U know he did some production on Low End Theory? Yikes!!!

Posted by: bigjune | Feb 28, 2005 3:51:40 PM

Byron!! You are One Funny MF!!!
THE 50 cent review had me in stitches... Keep up the good work.. We know what garbage is when we hear it. Although i liked NO ID on Common's second album, Diamond's "Check One Two" is one of my favorite late night cruising songs of all time. That song will never go outta style to me. WTF ever happened to the concept of "diggin in the crates"?


Posted by: Mike D | Mar 22, 2005 5:30:16 PM

Your a fool all Kanye uses for his production is an Akai MPC2000, Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland Recording and mixing box and two turntables. Something which any basic producer should have on a low scale budget. No fancy equipment there. Also Kanye produced every track on his album INCLUDING Jesus Walks which was his demo song when he was trying to get a deal. No shit here they're both producers but Kanye aint someone who relies on big budget production to make his songs hot, hes just as basic as you or I.

Posted by: Jay P | May 9, 2005 7:11:04 PM

> Also Kanye produced every track on his album INCLUDING Jesus Walks which was his demo song when he was trying to get a deal.

wait...are you sayin that he was getting his shit ghoswritten/produced BEFORE he had a deal?

Posted by: djxplicit | May 9, 2005 9:17:20 PM

Late Registration

July 12th

If u love good music, buy the album.

Posted by: dbaca | May 10, 2005 10:25:20 AM

I 100% agree. Diamond is legendary status and I some how doubt kanye will ever be looked apon in the same light. I'm sick of him using sped up vocal samples, making his shit sound like the chipmunks....Kanye, keep Diamonds name outcha mouth.

Posted by: Will Edmiston | May 18, 2005 4:16:21 AM

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