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Swimming in Wack Juice
an interview with

Note: Irv Gotti must've given him some ecstasy or something, because your boy Kanye was in a surprisingly honest mood when he gave this interview to (which is mostly just good for news). If only they would've asked him who actually wrote and produced his album...

Renowned producer Kanye West is no stranger to the rap game. He knows rap lyrics very well, even appearing on 1999’s “What You Do To Me,” where he dumped a rhyme with the Infamous Syndicate (group consisting of Disturbing The Peace's first lady Shawnna and now-Chicago DJ Teefa and).

Not much to say about Kanye's production and his talent as a producer, the works speak for themselves. Can you speak on the album and what exactly your fans and listeners going to get out of this album?

KW: I mean just wack basically, just some bullsh*t! I tried my best. I focused on making it as wack as possible. A lot of hours went into it. Especially after the accident. I went in and recorded that wack ass song with my mouth wired shut. It had to be wack because the studio time for me to record it wasn't even paid for. I had to say I was doing something else. I made the wack ass video with the performance shot in it. I just feel like its really wack because a lot of n*ggas rap about jerseys. What I'm doing is wack obviously because it hasn't sold any records and it's all based on record sales and your first week numbers. It's not about whether or not people like the music and it catches on, it's about how many spins you get. So you have to make a record that's gonna get them spins. I haven't got any spins so its wack. Is there a lack of push?

KW: I wouldn't say that, I would say it's just cause I'm wack. I just think it's some wack sh*t, there's not so many features on it and I'm a producer slash wack rapper. Put that on top of it, it's like I'm swimming in wack juice. You haven't started to get some of the people you made beats for to lend a helping hand?

KW: Nah, I heard this one rapper I was working on who was like...I'm wack, I'm wack, I'm wack, I'm wack, I'm wack! What about maybe talking more about shooting people?

KW: I don't want to talk more about shooting people, I just want to be wack. I just want to talk about making it out of an accident and how I feel about that and my relationship with God. How I'm self conscious and how nobody will admit to that or how the temptations I have as a man, when really I should be pointing at myself instead of pointing at everybody else...basically I'm wack. So how can we get rid of this wackness for you to get that push?

KW: It's like the people have to go and tell the labels...yo what he's doing is not wack.....and I guess they haven't done that yet cause it is wack, still today. Obvious everybody else is hot but I'm still wack. I'm sure after my album comes out, people might start saying that it's not wack, but I'm not expecting people to say that, I'm expecting people to say that it's wack. Once people say that, then I'll be stupid enough to go out and find other wack sh*t to do. We put you on a mixtape once.........

KW: Don't do that, don't let them get into my rhymes or whatever. I just want to be wack. I said I don't know what's better, getting paid or getting laid. I just know when I'm getting one the other's getting away. I said in an interview I don't spit lines in convo's and XXL gave me a "Negro Please." So what I'm saying must be wack. I said I'm not competing with producers, I'm competing with rappers. If I want to be a rapper it seems like just to me in my own wack mind, that's what I should do, If I want to be a rapper. I want to mean something to the hip-hop community, but they gave me a "Negro Please" for that too so I guess that's not what I should have been doing. I guess when I rap, I should try to fit into what ever style the artists are using and see how similar I can be to that. To try and be different and give my point of view to the world is wack, but I'm just cool being wack! What about a boycott? Maybe we should boycott the magazines...

KW: Nah I don't want a boycott, I wouldn't want anybody to lose money! You losing money?

KW: Nah I got a lot of money. I make a sh*t load of money, but not from rap though. I actually lose money trying to rap. If your wack and you try to rap of course your going to lose money.....put money to your wack ass video, your wack ass T-shirts, the wack ass logo you designed yourself, the concepts you came up with, your wack ass mixtapes? You're gonna lose money, but hopefully it flips and it's not wack anymore and you'll make some of that money back. The greatest accomplishments of this year other than making beats for Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, working on Jigga's album, 50 getting a beat and working with Dre, the greatest accomplishment is this artist from Germany gave me $10,000 to do a verse. I used to tell people "you'll pay less right now, but you'll see in a year from now you'll have to pay more to get me to rap on it." Their like "whatever your wack" and now I charge more for a verse. Another stupid thing I did was I didn't really go for any club records with the "featuring" and the DJ screaming across it. I don't know what it was and sh*t to sit and make song that was coming from my heart? I guess it was kind of stupid! Having songs on there that talks about family business, I talked about my cousin that's locked up, my mother. I love my Mom. I know that's wack.