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Kanye's Family Is Stalking Me

It all started out innocently enough last fall, with Kanye's moms, Donda the Dr., writing to me to state that she disagreed with some of things that I had said about herself and her spawn. Fine, whatever:

I just returned from an Usher/Kanye show in L. A. and decided to search the Internet for new articles on my son, Kanye. In my search, I learned that someone is actually hating so tough he wants to "kill me." ??? Go figure. Nothing surprises me anymore, however. That people spend their time and energy spewing hate (and maybe jealousy) is pretty sad. Hopefully, even the hater will get something positive from Kanye's music though. The important thing to me is that millions have. How painful it must be to be filled with so much hate. Here's hoping that "hater" is not as miserable as his words seem to indicate and that his mother is as proud of him as I am of Kanye.

Then, 3 hours later, I received this from a fellow calling himself "durl," who I'm assuming is Kanye's mentally retarded 8-year-old cousin:


Anybody who knows me knows that I'm not at all about making fun of retarded people, so I'll just leave that one alone other than to say that I definitely felt threatened. He may only be 8 years old, but you know how those retards tend to have superhuman strength. Also, it's a fact that if you get beaten up by a retarded person, you turn into one.

Later on, I received these two emails from people who were, apparently, childhood associates of Kanye's, who have grown up to be his professional sycophants.

Also, at this point, I'd like to note that nobody in my family, other than myself has attempted to contact Kanye West. But that's just how we are: We don't stalk people.



i don't know what all of this is about, but i've known kanye west and his mother since he was 9 years old.  as an only child,  kanye was very blessed to have a parent who adored him and supported his endeavors. kanye was a very talented artist.  he could draw his ass off and impressed even the youngest of crowds since the second grade.  i think he is very fortunate to have more than one avenue to travel in the talent department.

everyone acknowledges the education that both his parents have received and know they have done quite well for themselves.  and coming up through the black panther period, they instilled in kanye that he could do and be anything he wanted.  they would not call him arrogant but talented.

if people knew kanye at the early age that i did, they would have a different appreciation for what he has accomplished and will accomplish in the future.

on that note, you and all the other people who have nothing but negative things to say about him need to RAISE UP OFF HIS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!


kanye's former babysitter, and current friend & supporter




Not got a clue what your views on kanye are based around, but they seem biased, un-explained and simply quite ignorant! your article seems to get more ridiculous as you read further and further down.

"Apparently, her and the old man split when Kanye was 3 and she ended up raising him herself. Maybe he was just as much of an asshole as a young child and that's why his pop skipped town. There's nothing worse than a little arrogant ass baby."

your making statements which you have no idea about! First off, Kanye's Father left for reasons which you don't know about and he wouldn't appreciate me telling you why! And at 3 years old, its much impossible that a kid could be an "asshole".

Your views and expressions on Kanye are just sick and dies-tasteful!!

"Let's hunt and kill Kane West's mother". You must be really bored!


Jay and Deneen, take your own advice and raise up off my nuts. I don't need to have known Kanye West as a child to know that the man is a douche today. Go tell that shit to somebody who cares.

Also, this guy is, as far as I know, not one of Kanye's relatives per se, but a "butt brother" of his. He took it upon himself to write an actual "dis record" attacking me.

First off, fuck your website and the shit you say.....
You're a buster, a hater and you're probably gay.
Kanye gets nominations and now he's a homo?
Don't be jealous just cause your broke ass couldn't release a demo.

Yo, dawg, you follow that pussy shit on MTV?
Your love of fags places you in lets see... Tennessee?
I bet you never even been up in the N.Y.C., never been an MC, but find a way to disagree with Black music on every fuckin CD.
I say, resurrect your history, and do a review, on Ella or Louis or Nina Simone too, maybe Marvin or Miles, the Isleys or James Brown, people are sick of hearin you tear hip hop down.
Get off your fuckin soapbox and close your mouth.
Better yet, tell me what good hip hop besides Scarface ever came from the South?
Answer that in 3 lines or less, but don't stress you see its easy, the South is fulla busters like you homey believe me. Past the Mason Dixon line you ain't gonna see me.
These corny reviews you write? Maybe next time don't rush.
Face it, you hated Streets Disciple cause Nas hated on Bush.
If you have nothin' to say then say nothin at all
Cause anything good went out when you met the "lawd".
Evangelical Christian and you follow the word of God?
Its a nice title and an even nicer, phoney facade,
Cause its people like who who Nas is talkin to, you jigga bo, you fuckin' fake nigga you. I could tell you why you're a bitch until my face was blue; I'll call it right now, you'll hate the Game on his next arriving debut.
You're past your prime, you're old, hip hop is not your generation, you're from way back, I'm talkin Roosevelt administration. Leave you with no communication, I'll kill your
website leave you searchin for a brand new cyber location.

Mos Def, dont sing? Cam'Ron a fag?
Bitch learn your history, I bet you're even wavin a Confederate flag. And I don't mean to brag, but people readin this shit now, think you're a bitch, now go you hick, go milk your cow.
Cause I know your type, you talk some shit and then you lay low, someone passes you the blunt to hit and you just say no, so check my words I'll spit this shit in super super slo mo, you....don't..... have..... the.... guts..... to..... hit..... me..... back.... you.... silly.... homo.

I'd "hit you back" (no homo), but, as Dame Dash likes to say, I'm not a rapper, I'm a producer. Don't make me come over your house, spray Armadale on your sister and have my way with her.