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Hate Mail
from various assholes

Note: I've gotten literally hundreds of hate emails over the past 6 months or so from various assholes who took exception to one thing or another that I had to say about Kanye. I'm thinking about going through them and posting the really good ones here on another page, but I think I'm going to keep this page dedicated to specifically Kanyegate-related hate mail.

The Boy Young writes:

Everyone always has something to say when a person is on top. You never said anything before about Kanye when he was just in chicago doing things. You dont know if that guy wrote the song for him, maybe Kanye just put him in the credits to give me a little money in his pocket, Just like Jay-z did with Jaz-O. Jaz never wrote anything for Jay at all, J just didnt want his man to not do anything with his life. You should just get over it and let him be, if your boy is so such an artist why dont he drop something and then we see. Until then Kayne is on the Roc and hes going to win those 10 that is in in for.. ITs the Roc....

I didn't even know who Kanye was when he was "just in Chicago doing things." Who are you: his gay lover?

Will Scott writes:

I have to say that I totally disagree with your movement to ban Kanye West. Whether or not he wrote the song is irrelevant, the album itself is good,, espescially compared to the other trite nigga music that's out there. I can't believe someone is trying to ban someone who makes a song about how he feels about Jesus, what type of hypocritical shit is that. Why Not ban together and ban some of these outlandish, ignorant NIGGA's in the industry who continue to demoralize our culture and us as a people,,,

you wanna ban someone, lets start with the Yin Tang twins. These two epitomize the words IGNORANT NIGGAS!!! to see them makes me sick and this is the message the media is sending to white America who have no knowledge of black people. How bout "Mr. Pray for me, Pee on you", R Kelly, if not THE biggest hypocrite in the industry, one minute he's bumping and grinding, then he's praising the Lord, then he's peeing on folks.

How about the hundreds upon hundreds of rappers who come out DAILY glorifying guns, drugs, thug life, gang life and the constant belittlement of black women. Lil Jon, Ja rule, G Unit, Camron, Murder Inc and his ridiculous roster of ghetto idiots,

How about BET,,you wanna see Hos and bitches shake they ass!!! turn on BET!!! Ready for the latest coon parade and senseless television aimed at young impressionable minds,, turn on BET!!!

How about the record lables who look for and promote the most ignorant froms of music they can find,,then after theyve made all the money from the ignorant SOB they signed,, THEY DROP HIM.

These among other artists continue to degrade and demoralize our people and our culture,,,yet,,,YOU WANT TO BAN KANYE WEST,,,

Why don't you throw in Will Smith and Lil Bow Wow while your at it,,


Get a life


I may not have "a life," but at least I know how to use proper punctuation, beeyotch!