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About Operation Slap a Dropout

First of all, it should probably be stated that I'm not the kind of guy who goes and starts websites trying to get people banned from the Grammys just for his own personal amusement. In fact, this is my first time actually doing this. And I think we all know that there have been some questionable awards handed out by the Recording Academy in the past. But that's the thing, if nobody ever raises their voice to object, then the people who give out these awards will just continue to hand out trophies to which ever wack artist they all decide to reward each year with no regard for actual merit.

When, in 1998, Ol' Dirty Bastard (RIP) bum rushed the Grammy Awards telecast to protest the two awards that had been given to P. Diddy (Best Rap Duo/Group and Best Rap Album), most people, even so-called hip-hop heads wrote it off as the antics of some coke-out lunatic. But I always thought he had a point. First of all, I think we can all agree (and if not, you need to go somewhere else) that "I'll Be Missing You" was a horrible song and that No Way Out was a horrible album. For those reasons alone, P. Diddy shouldn't even have been invited to the Grammys, unless maybe he was there to pick up some trophies for the late Biggie Smalls (again RIP). But did you know that P. Diddy didn't even write "I'll Be Missing You?" (I'm pretty sure it was Sauce Money.)

As far as I'm concerned, ghostwriting has never been considered cool in hip-hop. I mean, Run-DMC writing something like "Paul Revere" (one of the most awesome songs ever) for the Beastie Boys was one thing, but then nobody ever really respected the Beastie Boys as lyricists (and also there's that whole white thing, he he). But it's a whole other thing when somebody uses a ghostwriter to create something that they try to pass off as deeply personal and then also have the nerve to want to be respected as a great lyricist. Even P. Diddy, child of Satan that he is, once famously remarked that he may not write rhymes, but he writes checks. Kanye West, on the other hand, had the sheer balls to list himself among the top 5 MCs of all time. His mom even went one step further and proclaimed the best MC in rap today.

For the record, my own mother doesn't consider me the best anything.

Again as far as I'm concerned, no great MC should ever need a ghostwriter, regardless. But the fact that Kanye West would use one on a song like "Jesus Walks" strikes me as especially egregious. I mean, the song is all about how Jesus walks with him, not some other guy. The fact that Kanye didn't even write the words to the whole first verse (other than to insert his name where Rhymefest's was originally), makes the song, as far as I'm concerned, completely phony and suspect. I could've respected, if not actually liked, a song in which Kanye examined his own relationship with the Lord in his own actual words, even if those words weren't quite as articulate as some other fellow's. (Peep the verse Kanye actually did write.) After all the whole idea of Jesus is for inarticulate people in the first place.

But I can't respect the version of "Jesus Walks" that appears on The College Dropout and I don't think the Recording Academy should either, which is why I drafted the petition in the first place and also why I created this site. Like most people. I wasn't exactly surprised to hear that Kanye West had received a field-leading 10 Grammy nominations. It's only what I've come to expect of them given their past behavior. But it is my hope that they will seriously consider the argument set forth by myself and members of my army and revoke those nominations as quickly as they handed them out.

To do so would not only show that the Recording Academy does indeed respect hip-hop as an artform, despite their past actions, but would honor the legacies of men far greater than Kanye West such as the Notorious BIG and Ol' Dirty Bastard, who helped build this great genre of music.