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August 25, 2005

Kanye West's "Diamonds" video

Kanye = Teh ghey

Peep the story at Kanye West Shooting 'Diamonds' Video In 'Pray-Goo'

It's not really at all worth reading (just him talking about how good he is and how he's going to Prague because he's "interested in architecture" - no homo?), but it's at least worth noting just to show how the hype machine for the dude's next album (Late Registration, out later this year) seems to be starting up especially early. At the rate that we're going (there was already this), this summer could get real unbearable real fast. I might have to do something. I've yet to actually hear "Diamonds," but I know I've got it saved on one of the other 3 computers on which I've been blogging, one of which, thanks to the Son of Dionysus, is in the shop and the other is just a huge piece of shit and, more importantly, not here. But I'm figuring I'll get more than enough chances to hear it this summer when I'm sure it'll just be ubiquitous. I know some people have said that it's really good, while other people have maintained that it's just more of his typical ridonkulous bullshit. Call me a "hater," but I'm tempted to go with the latter just on general principle.

Originally posted by Bol on May 19, 2005

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The kanye bashing is funny as hell because you seem to know some things, and other's you ignore. The lupe artist you refer is actually featured on Kanye's album on a song titled Touch The sky so there really kills his thieving since he has the guy on his cd Which gives the guys tons of exposure. Alot more exposure then he would get for having you talk about him getting robbed on your blog page. The artists who helped him with Jesus Walks gets royalties and sings Kanye's praises in the most recent Time magazine which Kanye appears on the cover.The man is the only good thing in mainstream hip hop give it up.

Posted by: Steve | Aug 26, 2005 1:23:17 PM

You know you loving that Kanye West. You are an in-closet Kanye fan! hahaha! Man, that Late Registration is a Masterpiece!!!! Get it!

Posted by: mike | Aug 31, 2005 8:58:14 PM

Kanye West is an asshole and does not desreve to be on the screen. He sucks and lies about pur president. He is an asshole

Posted by: sara1234 | Sep 2, 2005 11:54:21 PM

"You guys really need to grow up. Kanye is a great producer, even though he does sample from other music (good musicians borrow, great musicians steal), and he is an average rapper with simple, yet positive rhymes that kill most of the modern rappers' "Nines and Dimes" mentality. Just sit and listen to most of his songs and tell me the lyrics do not dwarf lyrics a la "G-Unit or Mike Jones" He is changing rap no matter how much you petition or hate on him. Yes he's arrogant and feels like he's the greatest, but why can't he be. His first CD I feel is not as lyrically great as Talib Kweli or as flowing and complicated like Nas, but the producing works with his style that is positive, humorous and simplistically intelligent that makes it a must have. Believe me, I have everything from Twista to Tu-Pac to Usher, and Kanye West is one of the greatest growing rappers to come out that is also breaking free of the mold of Gangsta/Club rapping. Who cares about Tecs and Gauges or drugs and hoes, Kanye is doing great things by changing up the game for the better. What makes a great rapper is not the ability to spit lines easily or how well they can rap, its the thought put into the lyrics and the intelligence of the rapper. He's definitely no Tu-pac or Talib but he's good enough to be numbered amongst them. He might just happen to be the next great, no matter how much you try to stop him."

What is your big problem wih Kanye, I want it listed below this so I understand all your issues and facts so I can make a decision if all your bitching is well founded or just a way for you to feel important.

Posted by: A rap fan | Sep 6, 2005 7:53:35 PM

omg what do you mean he lies about your president? your president is one of the biggest dickheads ever born, the supremacist, racist and overall THICK AS PIGSHIT asshole. vote rigging, blatant racism, and being a prick seems to be a pre requisite for american presidents. not saying the uk prime minister isnt bad, but jesus tapdancing christ - the sooner bush offs himself, the better.

and the dude who started this thread - nice to see "homo" is the insult you have to use. people like you should be banned from having an opinion until you've learnt to form a cognitive,founded one.

A Rap Fan - i'm wit you on this one. thank fuck for an intelligent american rapper (who isn't a black supremacist for fuck's sake) who is unafraid of releasing music that pisses off the ignorant - because it'snot formulaic enough for them to digest.

Posted by: betenik | Nov 14, 2005 5:30:31 AM

why dont you put those Bull S*** magazines down and start listening to real undergraound hip hop, r and b and rap cds. it might fill you in on what is really going on the the hip hop world. you are obviously a MARK since those magazine companies have you by the balls. i bet you are their best client.

Posted by: adam | Feb 9, 2006 2:56:44 PM

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