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January 18, 2005

MLK Would Call Kanye West A Douche If He Were Alive Today

Okay, I know I'm a day late with this post, but this post will remain relevant even after the holiday is over and perhaps even into eternity because I deal in nothing but the truth and because this is an important fact that should not be overlooked.  If Dr. Martin Luther King was alive today he would denounce his former adherence to non-violence and smack up Kanye like ol' J.C. did to those fools in the bible (that part about casting out the moneychangers or whatever).   And if the D-o-c still wasn't down with slappin' a dropout then he would no doubt join the Mindset Army by calling Kanye West a douche.  The reasons are quite simple and obviously overlooked by the pro-Kanye media outlets that payed tribute to Dr. King recently.  I found this article while researching this post and found a few points that support my theory:

"Charges about the contradictions and inconsistencies between King's public stance and private life have piled up since he was killed in 1968.  But King was consistent on the thing.  He abhorred personal wealth...He railed against some of his staffers for lavish personal spending.  His speeches increasingly incorporated anti-capitalist rhetoric, and denounced American society as greedy and materialistic...
...By 1968, he had strayed from the goals of civil rights and moderate political change, and was calling for " a fundamental redistribution of wealth."

...[After this change] Corporate and foundation supporters slowly turned off the money spigot, leaving his organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, in deep financial trouble. ..but he refused to back down, and launched more attacks on what he called America's 'property centered and profit centered" lust."

So if King abhorred personal wealth and he railed against "profit centered lust" then he would no doubt denounce Kanye's flagrant attempt to cash in on Christianity via the popularity of his (ghostwritten) "Jesus Walks" song.  This flagrant attempt is best symbolized by this:
(And if you can't see it, there's a better picture here )

Now we all suspect acknowledge that Kanye West is a man of dubious ethics so it really should not come as a surprise to find out (and yes, this is old news) that Kanye is selling out Jesus for a quick buck with Jacob the Jeweler.  I mean, most of the members of the Mindset Army knew that Kanye wasn't really wondering what Jesus would do when he charged some church $30,000 to play "Jesus Walks" and then showed up late.   But some still ignore the obvious, so it's time to invoke the spirit of Dr. King and ignore the hype and praise heaped upon an egotistical artist who is quick to sell out J.C. for a quick buck.  My friends, it is time to stand up in the spirit of Dr. King and start making a difference in the world of hip-hop.   Ignore all the critics and supporters of Mr. West and embrace the voice of the underdog, the voice of hope and accountability, and most importantly, the voice of reason.  In uncertain times such as these it is comforting to know that we can still find reasons to dream for a better day in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, and to know that this historic figure would no doubt call Kanye West a douche bag as well.
Thank you for your time.

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man. im sorry. since i read the title, i realized that my theory is confirmed. you are a genius.

Posted by: djxplicit | Jan 18, 2005 10:34:39 PM

Excellent points from the voice of hope and accountability.

Posted by: Bol | Jan 19, 2005 12:40:52 AM


Posted by: cmb | Jan 19, 2005 8:35:18 PM

yall just "true playa haters" as kanye would put it. Damn let the man make his dough. He doesnt force you to listen to his music so don't. And get the hell off his nut sack

Posted by: tiki | Feb 7, 2005 7:43:10 PM




Posted by: Teiraney | Feb 15, 2005 11:40:04 AM

'yall just "true playa haters" as kanye would put it. Damn let the man make his dough. He doesnt force you to listen to his music so don't. And get the hell off his nut sack'

I couldn't have said it better myself.....

What amazing music have you put together????


That's what I thought.

Posted by: yall some fags | Feb 16, 2005 3:50:05 PM

u guys are all a bunch of douchebaggin fags kanye would kick the shit out of u if he saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: nick | Feb 23, 2005 11:54:22 AM

WTF! This article is horrible! Y the fuck would u say that the greatest figure in black history would call Kanye a douche! Yeah I don't give a damn if u dont like Kanye. U r intitled to your own likings! But don't go this far! This is horrible! N E 1 WHO HATES KANYE TO THE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE IS A DUMB FUCK! KANYE WEST 4 LIFE NIGGA!

Posted by: Emy B (KanyeWestFan4Life) | Feb 26, 2005 11:02:02 PM

Although I do not mirror the exact thoughts of Emy B, I do believe article title is a bit sensational. The tone is a little abrasive, fellas. Calm it down.

Posted by: bigjune | Feb 28, 2005 3:56:55 PM

Hey, does anybody know what happened to Pharcyde? "Can't Keep Running Away" and "Passing Me By" were hot!! "Other Fish in the Sea" is a classic. Help me find those cats!!!

Posted by: bigjune | Feb 28, 2005 4:01:17 PM

hell no noone calls kanye that i got yo back kanye

Posted by: mimi | Feb 28, 2005 6:37:43 PM

I'm disappointed, guys.

I came here this morning expecting AT LEAST an entry about the interview 107.5 keeps playing, with Kanye just completely showing his ass all over creation, talking about some "you don't give a man the keys to the city and honor the man one day, and then the next day be talkin' about him 'wearing some dental floss sittin' on a pony'". He claimed that "if it EVER happens again, I'm gonna end my relationship with this station" and compared himself to Muhammed Ali...They played this three times at least on my way to work this morning, and every time I just sat there with my jaw dropped like "nuh-uh, I am NOT hearing this".

I wasn't 100% in agreement with this site before, but Kanye just proved himself to be one of the most egomaniacal men in radio.

And you guys haven't said a WORD about it! I'm crushed....It's pure comedy gold!

Posted by: gladys | Mar 1, 2005 9:30:17 AM

im tellin you kanye west ia a fukin ledgend.full lay off!nuffin else needs to be said.

Posted by: DrUgGy | Mar 4, 2005 8:29:38 AM

ISA SAALABI is being laughed at by Kanye West and members of the ROOTS crew.

This group is for the people that are true. Not for people who believe in false prophecies. Nom De Guerre is a front and everyone in New York knows it. They are very confused and uneducated on what they are about. The front of the store is supposed to be about Revolutionaries and reinforcing different ways of thinking other than what the current culture climate is at right now. They want to stand for anarchy, socialism, maoism, muslim cultures but at the back of the store they sell Nike's. Anyone with a brain will tell you that doesn't make sense and also the fact that they sold Ice Creams makes you think twice about what they are really about. Money means more to them then being REVOLUTIONARY like they are "trying" to be. Maybe the owners are really uneducated? i am sure that they do not know one thing about politics and rely on their friends for that. I am sure that they never heard of a radio news station called Democracy Now. Eventhough, the downtown scenes and stores like Supreme have paved the way for their little trendy store, they don't seem to grasp what their meaning is.

Not to mention that one of the owners is a major prick pussy bitch.

If he is so into Anarchy and Skin Heads, why would he rely on the law to help him when a girl beats his ass infront of the whole downtown crew of Chloe Sevigny and Leo Fitzpatrick?

He ain't no Revolutionary. He is just some kid from California who thinks he knows what he is doing.

I don't think KANYE WEST should shop there because the girl who beat ISA SAALABI up is KANYE's BEST friend.

Also, that HOLLY HARNSONGKRAM... you know that ISA is totally having sex with other girls and it is sad that you are okay with it and that you think you can control him with the store. You sad thing you... no, you sad OLD thing.

Posted by: ISA SAALABI | Mar 19, 2005 2:05:44 AM

I will try my damndest to play nice...or at the very least start off that way.
I am a musician, IN FACT, *breathe..'try to catch it'* I am a COUNTRY MUSICIAN. I am a Fucking queer-ass country musician who happens to have a BA in music composition from The University of North Texas (I mention this because UNT has one of the best music schools in the country, and I was proud of my scholarship there).

By now, you are wating for my point. Well I have more than one, but this is my first...if Kanye West is a hypocrite well, quite obviously so are you(the truth is almost if not all americans are hypocrites). I would LOVE to turn your attention to how often you have thrown around the concept of 'revolutionary' on this page.
We can skip the OBVIOUS sexism (prevalent in hip-hop, though the Black Panthers would not approve) because even as a D-Y-K-E I get tired of us LEZZIES yelling about sexism. But I will be motherfucking goddamned if I will let this fucking gay talk fly (even though it is prevealent in hip-hop as well). One fag joke, sure...but there are THREADS on this board about it..and even the more 'thoughtful' comments are riddled with it here and there. HOW REVOLUTIONARY ARE YOU?
Perhaps you haven't noticed (straight people don't notice much), but our present facist regime would LOVE to exterminate me and mine for half the $ it costs to rig an election these days. With that in mind, do you really think it's 'Che'(you hipsters love che) of you to make light of that in ANY WAY? Would MLK (whom you've professed an understanding of) do that? Would Bobby Seale or Huey? Spend two days as the only queer in a small Texas town and you tell me. If you think that Bush (who's own grandfather contributed to the Nazi Party) isn't planning our extermination for political gain, then you aren't thinking much like a minority. This isn't light's real. Ask a faggot..we don't even recruite..try it out. We might even give you some insightful fashion and/or relationship advice as seen on tv!
Point number two: I am sick of record store dudes. I am sick to death of all af your 'I have *bullshit* on vinyl' and 'I know one fact that involves the word 'Leadbelly'. I am also sick of the pretentious 'radio is never cool' attitude. You're goddamn right radio is never cool! But occaisionally someone fucks up and puts something good on the radio. I don't give a mutherfuck if Lindsay Lohan wrote "Jesus Walks"'s good!!! It's the best radio I've heard in years..not in a guilty way, either. It's MUSICAL! It has beautiful hooks that are organic instead of synthetic- It isn't 100% Pro Tools bullshit with filters and casio synths (yes, girls use Pro Tools and know words like Digidesign and Musical Instrument Digital Interface..can any of you dudes tell me who wrote the program 'SuperCollider'?). Lyrically, it also blends the spiritual with the ordinary and even at times the 'profane'. It's not out to save anyone, it's simply stating a protagonist view while borrowing musically from a simple, beautiful gospel sound. SHIT LIKE THIS DOESN'T USUALLY MAKE IT ON THE RADIO! It's a small feat!
Whenever something even slightly decent hits clear channel, every fucking hipster is out to kill it. I understand the mentality, radio IS inherently bad now..even Air America is broadcast by clear channel. And yes, I am also a snob about musicians writing their own songs. I hate singers who don't play instruments and don't write at all. I admit that. But then, I listen
to, play, and write country. Do you know how many country songs are actually performed by their authors? Take for instance the recent hipster intrest in Johnny Cash ('I don't like country, but I like Johnny Cash'- fuck you). He was sued when his album 'Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison' was released. Why? Because the song 'Folsom Prison Blues' suspiciously 'borrows heavily' from Gordon Jenkins' 'Crescent City Blues'. That's Johnny's biggest tune. So what if he copied half the tune and the other half sounds exactly like 75% of his other's good. He's good, so the fuck what if it's borrowed or stolen or cowritten or bought? And of course Johnny always tried to be spiritual... He released entire gospel albums, but that didn't stop him from falling of stages during his opening numbers because he was so high he needed a stepladder to scratch his ass.. Motherfuck your ethics. If you were so 'ethical' would you drive a car, drink a Coke, buy beer at the grocery store, listen to the radio at all, use toilet paper, buy a computer , wear trendy-ass-nike-owned chuck taylors, by anything on a major label- including subsidiaries, the list goes on and in a nutsack (i may be a gay, but i saw a nutsack like, once...) who are you to judge a musician's songwriting ethics? Leiber and Stoller? -look them up and learn something...

Posted by: dyke radio tragedy | Mar 22, 2005 5:04:55 AM

Kanye is the best and you all suck.

Anyone who messes with Kanye's friends are going to get it.

Posted by: Kanye Rules | Mar 22, 2005 7:31:53 PM

Never mind of course that MLK also pirated large portions of "I Have A Dream" from his father's colleague and cheated on his wife. He wouldn't be in any position to call someone a "douche."

Posted by: High School Graduate | Mar 26, 2005 5:17:46 PM

The girl who hit Isa Saalabi was in the biggest Japan show this year at the Watari Museum by Larry Clark. The show featured her as the main muse. Araki Nobuyoshi, the legend and Helmut Newton but much bigger, of Japan is making a book about this girl and is also his muse. Isa Saalabi, why did you have to piss off this girl? WHY? Was it really worth it?

Posted by: ISA SAALABI | Apr 9, 2005 3:12:03 PM

Kanye is the best rapper to come out lately and hes gonna be a legend.. you guys r just hatin.. it dont matter who wrote his songs its HIM- so lemme guess someone else wrote him the song thru the wire when he was the one with the freakin jaw wired shut.. next thing ur gonna say is someone rapped it for him.. until you can almost die then rap with your jaw wired shut.. shut the hell up n get a life then to b dissin a LEGEND that has enough balls to stand up and rap about what he believes in... GOD!

Posted by: I x3 KanYeWeSt | Apr 12, 2005 11:08:25 PM

Kanye is an old Massengill douche bag! I seriously doubt that No ID taught him how to make beats!

Posted by: Biged | Apr 21, 2005 4:56:41 PM

I saw this chic mc comin out of LA, Le'isa Saalabi-Jones. She isa tight mc. Her album Le'isa Saalabi Jones, The girl isa b**ch is only on underground records right now. you can peep her around town. i think she did some stuff with Lil M and T-Bone from the east side ball stars...

L'isa says her influences are billy holiday and the Lauryn Hill. She kinda sounds like em too.

Her sister Holly Saalabi used to know this girl that dated Kanye's friend and said he dissed her in public one day, that was my point in bringing her up, besides letting y'all in on a cool new artist. but check it out, Le'isa Saalabi Jones.

I told her to drop the saalabi and keep the jones but she says her moms would kill her so I guess it isa culture thing I think. saalabi it is and saalabi it will stay.

Anyways check her out,

(In the words of Muhammed Ali Harnsongkram) peace - love n harmony to all my people!

Posted by: Koogie | Dec 30, 2006 10:09:05 PM

Chizeven didn't say anything about Kanye West's music, so shut up about that. All he was trying to say that Kanye West has questionable ethics and morals, and that even though he supports MLK, he goes against every teaching of Docta King.And Kanye West is self-admittedly egotistical and hes a crybaby. In the song "Barry Bonds" he said "I've played the underdog my whole career/ I've been a really good sport haven't I this year?" Underdog? motherfucker won three Grammy's for Best Rap Album in a row, and then some. And hes been a good sport because there was nothing for him to whine like a bitch about yet. No award shows yet.

Kanye= Great Rapper
Kanye= Douche

Posted by: Jimmy Nikaidoh | Mar 16, 2008 12:12:54 AM

Chizeven didn't say anything about Kanye West's music, so shut up about that. All he was trying to say that Kanye West has questionable ethics and morals, and that even though he supports MLK, he goes against every teaching of Docta King.And Kanye West is self-admittedly egotistical and hes a crybaby. In the song "Barry Bonds" he said "I've played the underdog my whole career/ I've been a really good sport haven't I this year?" Underdog? motherfucker won three Grammy's for Best Rap Album in a row, and then some. And hes been a good sport because there was nothing for him to whine like a bitch about yet. No award shows yet.

Posted by: Kanye West | Mar 16, 2008 12:13:34 AM

Really? is there even a question now. This clown has stated that he is the only rightfull person to be the new king of pop. Ha. If you have to declare yourself your not. And how about his newest mtv performance. Pissed that Beyonce didnt win an award he took the mike from Taylor Swift, in the middle of her thankfull speech. And declared Beyonce's video to be the best. He is the perfect example of an arrogant racist.

Posted by: Kanye sux | Sep 14, 2009 7:51:03 AM

I love this defense mechanism of calling someone a "playa hata". Its just like when you would call people "fags" on the playground in middle school. Its a completely mindless and immature defense mechanism created by weak people to try to prevent actual reasonable dialogue. You don't even have to think about what you are arguing, just blurt out "player hater" instead. When you say that, all I can think in my mind is that you are an unintelligent, inferior person and how content I am to properly label you as so. The fact of the matter is that Kanye is three things: a good producer, a mediocre rapper at best, and a raging douche bag as he has proven repeatedly. He has occasional clever lines, but his delivery is sloppy and inarticulate. His best song was the one he made with his jaw wired shut. I wish the surgeons would have kept it that way, because once his mouth was allowed open again, 100% pure, unadulterated shit came pouring out of it. Bob Dylan was the voice of a generation. Kanye West is the voice of an egocentric, self-serving ass clown who wouldn't know his generation from a hole in the ground. Kanye can eat two dicks.

Posted by: truplaya | Oct 12, 2009 12:44:52 AM

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