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January 21, 2005

Rhymefest interviewed

Can you believe those homos over did what was basically a whole interview about Kanyegate with Rhymefest and never actually mentioned the motherfucking Mindset Army? Note that nowhere in the course of the interview does 'Fest actually deny that he's Kanye's ghostwriter. So let me get into the heart of the matter – 'Jesus Walks,' the Grammy’s are coming up, you’re credited as a co-writer – he has definitely mentioned that you’re the co-writer, it’s not a secret.

Rhymefest: Yeah. But what exactly does that mean? What part of the song did you write?

Rhymefest: I don’t, like – I don’t wanna – ‘cause I feel like there’s a way to separate and degrade, like saying that, ‘Yo what did you write? What did you bring to the table?’ I look at it like this: him and I both collaborated. I’ll tell you for a fact, if it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t have been no ‘Jesus Walks’ but if it wasn’t for Kanye, there wouldn’t have been no ‘Jesus Walks’. We both contributed a major part to the song – to a beautiful song. I look at it like this: I was a part of that vehicle – God blessed me to be a part of the vehicle to bring that song to the table, but Kanye was the driver of the vehicle.

Riiight. But back to what I was saying: I already knew that was a shitty website run by a buncha nonwriting jig assholes, but this here is Sauce-level bullshit. Over the weekend I'm going to be contacting some more reputable news organizations about further publicizing our movement and finally taking it to that point where it will reach critical mass.

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bol...why havent you responded to my e-mails? sent them some 5 days ago, and theres some real important kanyegate shit in there. if you want to, i can re-send the emails.

Posted by: djxplicit | Jan 21, 2005 8:55:39 PM

there's a surprise in my pants

Posted by: Devin | Jan 21, 2005 9:45:51 PM

devin what kind of gay shit are you on? come on now. i would say "no homo" but i'm a girl so i don't think it's homo for me. um how about "no straightness" at least not with devins homo ass.

Posted by: cmb | Jan 24, 2005 4:11:56 AM

This is another statement that looks like a cover up. If Kanye made a major part, why doesn't he tell us what that major part was?

check out this link, Mark Ronson's manager says Rhymefest wrote Jesus Walks.

Mark Ronson's manager talking about Rhymefest :
Rich : That Blue Collar is just a hundredth of what you’ll see from him. He was just down in Nashville with Gatemouth Brown, an 80 year old Blues singer [and slide-guitar player]. He’ll bring that Biz Markie fun flavor into it, but at the same time, he wrote ‘Jesus Walks’. You can never question his ability.

Posted by: IB | Jan 24, 2005 3:44:57 PM

How small minded could you pathetic people be. Kanye didnt ever take all the credit and has done so much himself. He produces, produces, writes and writes and you losers cant even appreciate obvious talent like his. He is successful for many thing not just a song that he had CO-WRITTEN!! And will continue to be successful because of this.

Posted by: Disgusted talent appreciator | Feb 16, 2005 6:12:32 PM

i honestly cant believe you dudes are so jealous and wasting your time trying to bash kanye. Hes fresh air compared to most artists.Kanye doesnt suck honestly you envy him cuz hes the guy next door.If your so good why dont you make your own album and go platinum.Thats when you can say something other than that your just another jealous loser.

Posted by: aris | Jun 19, 2005 8:44:28 PM

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